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Contemporary art provides confidence to the people. Artists examine all art movements. They develop themselves by investigating the details. I am transferring the impact of the value of ancient culture left on me, today’s chaos and the traces of my many thoughts hidden in our inner emptiness to my sculpture and paintings. I am visualising, forming and completing my works in the sculptural aesthetic value.

I want to exhibit my works at every possible locations by opening exhibitions in three-month regular intervals at Neva Art Gallery and by participating in important national and international exhibitions.

At each exhibition, the thoughts of art lovers will be always evaluated. We want to go further by being open to every thoughts or criticisms.

After completing the opening of the exhibitions in three-month intervals at Neva Art Gallery, after exhibiting all my works and completing the catalogs, at the second period I would like to work with other artists and I will be pleased to exhibit their works in my gallery.

Abdulkadir Ozturk

The Aim of Neva Art Gallery

First of all, the aim is to popularise the aesthetic sense and the form value of contemporary art. I want people regain the love of the expressions of abstract art. I want to exhibit my works which I have been produced over last 41 years by opening exhibitions in three-month regular intervals at Neva Art Gallery. By this way I will have the chance to provide the opportunity for art lovers to visit and see my all works in large time.

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What is the aim of Neva Art Gallery ?

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